Dry processing of edible mushrooms

Almost all edible mushrooms, such as mushrooms, fungus, velutipes, hericium, straw mushroom, oyster mushroom, mushroom, tremella, etc., can be made into dry products. Dry processing can be divided into dry baking and hot air drying.

More rainy days in spring, mushrooms, fungus often baked, hot summer and hot days, is the straw mushroom production season, often dominated by drying. Hot air drying is not affected by environmental conditions and can be carried out in all seasons. It is suitable for all kinds of mushrooms and the quality of dried products is good. Dry quality is also closely related to mushroom harvesting, grading, clipping, cleaning, slicing, and so on.

Mushrooms should be combined with the classification of mushrooms, according to size, shape, thickness and separation, mushrooms, mushrooms separate, high-footed mushrooms, mushrooms and mushrooms should be treated for other purposes. Then cut off the base of the stipe (bacterial foot), leave the length of the stem 2 to 3 cm, at the same time, remove weeds and sawdust, but do not use water.

Drying method: The graded fresh mushrooms are sun-dried for one day, then dried with charcoal, and can also be sun dried continuously. Avoid stacking when dry. If drying with charcoal, the temperature should be from low to high, start at 20 ~ 30 °C bake 6 ~ 8 hours, and then use 50 ~ 60 °C bake 2 ~ 3 hours to stem completely dry. The dried mushrooms are turned by hand, until they creak, and when they are pinched and fragile, they can be stored in plastic bags until they are cool.

When baking, it should be noted that charcoal or coal fire can not have smoke and odor, to prevent broken bacteria to fall off the smoke, otherwise affect the quality of dried mushrooms. In order to make the heat evenly distributed, an iron plate can be placed over the fire. Wherever conditions are available, a blower can be used to send hot air or use steam pipes to send warm air to dry. Dried straw mushrooms should be selected with the same size and size of eggs. After removing the sediment, use a knife to cut two cross-cuts from the base cross section. Cut the eggs to 2/3 length and make them into four. Dry them and call it an orchid mushroom. There is also a cut from the side of the knife, leaving the foot does not cut off, or cut two, cut, can be dried on the cement floor. Dried egg pieces should be cut with a slicer and dried with hot air to ensure quality. Pleurotus ostreatus, Pleurotus ostreatus and Flammulina velutipes can be whole dried or dried.

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