Tropical fish farming

There are many varieties of tropical fish, and the main methods of breeding are:
First, water
1. Water quality Artificial breeding of tropical fish requires water quality as soft water or low hardness water, and the pH is preferably weakly acidic or neutral. The acidity is strong. The tropical fish have difficulty breathing and grow slowly. The alkalinity is strong, and the pupa tissue of the tropical fish may be corroded.
2. Changing the water (1) Partially changing the water is to suck out the feces, residual food, and other dirt from the bottom of the tank. The amount of water absorbed is preferably 1/4 of the amount of water in the cylinder. Then add the same amount of fresh water that has been air-conditioned or chemically dechlorinated at the same temperature. The number of waterings is twice a week in autumn and winter, and three times a week in spring and summer.
(2) All water changes should be taken out of all the equipment in the fish tank, remove the water grass and fish, put it in other containers with the same temperature as the original water, and scrub the cylinder wall and bottom with a sponge. Change the water every 3 months to 4 months.
Second, the temperature of tropical fish is extremely sensitive to temperature, if the temperature is not suitable, it will soon die. Different types of tropical fish require different water temperatures. The temperature of most tropical fishes is preferably 20 °C to 24 °C, and the water temperature during the breeding season is 25 °C to 28 °C. The temperature difference between day and night can't exceed 4 °C.
Third, oxygen should be planted in the fish tank a certain number of plants, because the aquatic plants will produce oxygen when photosynthesis, so that the oxygen content of water increases. At the same time, timely removal of dirt, frequent water changes, etc., can also increase dissolved oxygen in water.
Fourth, the light is placed in a sunny room to put fish tanks, preferably in the morning and evening when the sun is insufficient, each accepts about 1 hour of sunlight; if there is no sun in the room equipped with fish tanks, should use light irradiation plants, with 60 watts Incandescent light bulbs or 40-watt fluorescent lamps shine 6 hours a day. Light can make tropical fish grow faster and make the fish more colorful.
Fifth, raise the tank to raise tropical fish, stocking density depending on the size of the fish tank. For those who fish for the first time, the lower the density, the better, and need to add an air pump. For the matching of the same tank fish, quiet fish can not be mixed with offensive fish; large fish can not be mixed with small fish. There are many options for feeding tropical fish, such as fish, red worms, or packaged feeds suitable for different types of tropical fish. Raw bait and live bait are washed to control the source of the disease.

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