Cold cultivation of upright peaches?

In the cold north, it is a pity that the gardening industry cannot produce peaches. Although it is cultivated and its quality is good, the development of its cultivation is limited at the end. Upright cultivated peaches have become a long-cherished wish.
However, in Poli County, Heilongjiang Province, which is located at 4533N, there are indeed two peach trees planted on their own, which grow in obscurity. In recent years, many villages and towns in Boli County have such upright cultivated peach trees. Such as cherry-like plum, peach fruit string in autumn, people eat real estate is even more exciting.
The first tree was the late peasant Wang Yonghe who went to Liaoning to visit his relatives in 1966 and brought back the peaches. After harvesting the seeds, the fruit was blossomed three years later. In the early days, the grass and straw were still cold and the trees couldn't be piped. However, they had no choice but to let it be natural. At most, it was 150 pounds. In 1987, Wang went to his house and his son built a house to cut down the peach trees. Fortunately, the supply and marketing cooperative real estate officer Li Weilu had lived on a cherry anvil and planted the fruit one year after the planting. After four years, the result was 30 pounds, still self-taught and rarely known. Although it experienced the odd cold of the winter of 1993, it was severely cold in the spring of 1994. Although some of the frozen shoots were cut off, the results of growth and flowering were normal.
After hearing the news, I realized that this was a very meaningful discovery. It not only added new varieties for the cultivation of the northern horticulture, but also opened up new roads for the farmers to become rich. It also provided leaves and flowers for greening and beautifying the environment. Guo Junmei's green tree species, which allows northerners to eat full-fledged peaches, is a real treat.
This peach tree is half open, grows moderately strong, has low flowering nodes, multiple buds, mostly three buds, and has 4-5 buds in the upper and middle short fruit buds. It blooms in early May and is a large flower pattern. Bright pink; high percentage of white flowers, long and short fruit branches can result; fruit cooked around September 20, weighted 45 grams, maximum fruit weight 100 grams, yellow background, Yingyang face flush, fruit tip micro tip, suture Deep in the line, asymmetric flesh, near-nuclear red purple rays infiltrated into the pulp, sweet and sour reasonably savory, due to be able to pick after full maturity, much better taste than the Nanyun Nantao; off the core, such as nuclear apricot Nuclear size. The lunar calendar (not a month) matures during Mid-Autumn Festival and is named Zhong Qiu Mi.
The successful breeding of Zhongqiu Peach ended the history that the cold land could not stand erect. In addition, regardless of whether seedlings or shoots are planted and seedlings are planted, the results can be flowered the next year, and the benefits are fast. This is generally welcomed. At present, there are more than 50 people from cities and counties in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces to introduce planting tests.

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