Winter collection seeds

Harvesting seeds in winter is an important work that must be done to achieve the harvest in the coming year. Including anti-mildew, anti-pollution, anti-high temperature, anti-corrosion, anti-asphyxiation, anti-mixing, anti-smoking, pest control and other pests.

The key to mold control is to control the moisture contained in the seeds themselves. Cereal crop seed moisture content of 12% to 13%, oil crop seeds 8% to 9%, if the water content is too high, it is prone to mildew, especially peanuts, soybeans, corn and other oils and starches more Crop seeds should pay more attention.

Anti-pollution seed storage should thoroughly remove crop stems, leaves, weeds, sand, soil particles and other debris, and strictly sterilize the storage room and storage equipment to prevent the seeds from being contaminated during storage.

Anti-high temperature, high temperature, seed respiration, will consume too much of their own storage of nutrients, reduce the germination rate, it is required that the temperature of the stored seeds is best around 10 °C, should not be placed near the stove on the seeds.

Anti-corrosion seeds cannot be stored in the same room as pesticides and chemical fertilizers, because many pesticides and chemical fertilizers have strong volatility, and the volatile gases are extremely harmful to the seed cells and embryos.

Anti-asphyxiation seeds cannot be stored in plastic bags. Because the plastic bags are airtight, the seeds are forced to undergo anaerobic respiration in the bags, producing toxic substances such as alcohol and organic acids, killing the embryos, causing the seeds to lose their germination capacity, and also causing mildew. change.

The seeds of a lot of crops that are not anti-hybrid are not easily distinguishable from ordinary foods. If you don’t pay attention, you can mix seeds and grains. It is easy to eat seeds as food and cause great waste. It is also very easy to sow seeds as seeds. Cause serious production cuts.

Anti-fumigated seeds are fumigated by the smoke for a long time, which will reduce the seed activity and weaken the germination rate. Therefore, the rooms where the flue gas (especially the flue gas and the flue gas) are large, such as the kitchen, cannot store the seeds, and the storage room should not be close to the kitchen.

Insect pests and mice not only eat seeds directly, they also contaminate the seeds, deteriorate the seeds, and reduce the germination rate. Therefore, we must take measures to eliminate pests and rats.

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