What should you watch out for when pouring wheat in winter?

Winter urine pouring wheat is a traditional production increase measures. According to the measurement, human urine generally contains 0.5% of nitrogen, 0.13% of phosphorus, 0.19% of potassium, and 3% of organic matter. Therefore, the urine of wheat can significantly increase the content of available nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the soil and promote the growth and development of wheat seedlings. Many years of production practice have proved that pouring 250-500 kg of fresh urine per acre in winter can generally increase wheat production by 25-50 kg. The effect is very obvious.

The specific time for urinating wheat is generally from the beginning of winter to the end of the Qing dynasty, but it is the best time from freezing to before thawing. Before the soil is frozen, it can be poured at any time during the day, but it must be diluted with equal amount of fresh water to prevent burning of seedlings. During the freezing period, the weather should be sunny and warm at noon or afternoon, and the soil should be poured when it is thawed. It can be poured without dilution with water. .

There are many methods for urinating wheat. It is best to use squat or guttering, and immediately cover the soil after application. If it is applied, it must be timely slashed and loosen after application to remove the compaction, so as to ensure the protection of the soil. The number of pouring facilities is generally between 500 and 750 kg per mu, and no more than 1,000 kg. Pouring too much, easy to burn seedlings in poorly stricken plots.

Some wheat fields can not pour urine in winter: First, there is snow-covered wheat fields can not be poured, because the snow melt after pouring urine, the ground temperature suddenly drops, the wheat seedlings are easily frozen; Second, saline wheat can not be poured, because human urine contains salt, poured Wheat fields increase soil salt content and are detrimental to wheat seedling growth. (Wang Yutang)

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