What are the common foliar fertilizers?

Foliar fertilizer refers to a kind of fertilizer sprayed on the leaves of plants and belongs to liquid fertilizer. There are many common foliar fertilizers on the market. There are three major categories of boils. The first category is a nutritional liquid foliar fertilizer that contains a variety of nutrients needed for plant growth; the second is a hormone-type liquid foliar fertilizer that contains hormones that regulate plant growth; The class is a mixed liquid foliar fertilizer. Besides containing a variety of nutrients, this type of fertilizer also contains some plant growth hormones.

Foliar fertilizers are easily accepted by farmers because they have the advantages of quicker action, higher utilization rate than root fertilizers, timely supplement of nutrients, and good compatibility with other chemicals. However, the use of foliar fertilizers should pay attention to the following aspects:

(1) Strictly control the use concentration of foliar fertilizer, not only do not harm the foliage of the crop, but also save fertilizer and improve efficiency.

(2) Pay attention to grasp the spraying period, different crops have different "contrainment period." For example, for rice and wheat, from the germination to the three-leaf stage and heading stage, there is a “contrainment period”, and as far as possible, no foliar fertilization is required.

(3) Pay attention to the use of time, in order to ensure the best effect of fertilizer, do not use in strong sunlight, avoid evaporation caused by increased concentration of the solution and burn the crop; also avoid using dew or rain. The most appropriate time is the sunny morning or the evening when the sun is going down.

(4) In the use of the process should pay attention to the principle of small, multiple, low concentration.

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