Autumn management of cows "one injection, two injections and three defenses"

A note is to pay attention to public opinion. After the cows dry their milk thoroughly, look at the cow's lyrical condition for feeding and management. Dry cows that are malnourished should maintain a certain amount of concentrate and high quality ingredients. Salt and minerals allow them to eat freely. For malnourished dry cows, in addition to high quality raw materials, appropriate amounts of concentrate feed should also be given.

Two increases by one is more palatable. Motivate dairy cows to feed their full palatability feeds to enhance their appetite. Practice has shown that adding 140 kg of feed per day to 600 kg boiled gruel, plus 9 kg of brown sugar, 3 times poured into the leftovers, can make all the leftovers were eaten. The second is to increase oils. The production of heat from fats and oils, and the addition of 3% to 5% of animal fat in dairy cow diets and calcium supplementation can effectively increase milk production and milk quality.

The three defenses are to prevent abortion. Dry dairy cows need proper exercise every day to prevent complications. To prevent cows from colliding with each other, observe dry cows' behavior, appetite, exercise, rumination, and rest. The second is to prevent mastitis. Two weeks after cows dry milk, mastitis is prone to mastitis because breast tissue has not stopped moving. Therefore, it is necessary to observe and check the changes of the breast every day. If it is found that the degree of swelling of the breast is increased more than before, and there is inflammation such as redness, fever, and pain, the milk should be squeezed immediately for treatment. Cows milked in the fall, do not milk at noon, scrub breasts with warm water before milking, breast milk after treatment with 0.1% potassium permanganate solution to reduce the incidence of mastitis. The third is prevention and treatment of diseases. Doing a good job in environmental sanitation and regularly disinfecting cow houses can reduce the incidence of cows. For labor and abortion cows, timely filling with brown sugar wheat bran soup to promote the timely discharge of the placenta.

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