What is the relationship between soil acidity and reasonable fertilization?

Soil pH is usually expressed as pH, which refers to the pH of the soil. Soil acidity is divided into 7 levels. The grading indicators are as follows: PH The intensity of the response is 9.5 Alkaline Very strong In general, the soil in the north is neutral or alkaline and the pH is between 7.0 and 8.5, while red soil, yellow soil and so on in southern China show acidic reactions. The pH value is between 5.0 and 6.5. In some soils and even pH 7, the water-soluble phosphate easily reacts with the free calcium ions in the soil to form calcium phosphate salts, which greatly reduces the effectiveness. For another example, in calcareous soils with a pH of >7:5, due to the formation of ferric hydroxide precipitates in iron, the iron deficiency in the crop is reduced due to the reduced availability of iron. The solubility of iron salts increases with increasing acidity (pH 5 to 7.5). In strong acidity (pH
In addition, the effectiveness of soil nutrients can also be controlled by adjusting soil acidity and alkalinity. When improving strongly acidic soils; lime is usually applied. The lime requirement is based on the amount of latent acid converted to the amount of lime required for each acre. In general, strong acid soils have to be applied with lime of several tens to hundreds of kilograms per acre, once every few years. In the improvement of strong alkaline soil, the method of applying gypsum is generally adopted.

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