Application of "fertilizer synergist", good effect of self-made corn special fertilizer

The Pujiadian Village of Guping Village in Siping Town has planted more than 2,600 mu of corn, of which the application area of ​​"fertilizer synergist" is more than 1,700 mu for self-provisioned corn, accounting for 67.9% of the corn planting area in the village. The village of Wang Chuanwei planted 9.5 acres of corn, all use "fertilizer synergist" from the allocation of corn-specific fertilizer, and achieved a good effect of increasing production, cumulative production of 6,856 kilograms of grain, an average of 721.7 kilograms per mu. Wang Chuanwei was pleased to say that ''fertilizer synergist'' is very effective, economical and convenient, reliable and economical, and high-yield and high-productivity.'' According to the survey, the application of ''fertilizer synergist'' with corn-specific fertilizer is comparable to conventional The yield per mu was increased by 91.9 kg with an increase of 18.6%. From the large-scale application and promotion results of many years, it has been proved that the application of "fertilizer synergist" with special fertilizer for corn or other special fertilizers for crops shows good application effects. It is indeed a good harvest sign that fertilizers are not used for fat loss, premature aging, thick stalks, dark green color, mature stems, and increased grain weight. At present, about half of the peasants have been used in sandbags, Anbo and Sipingyuantai in our city.

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