Three fertilization experiences

First, how to improve the effectiveness of ammonium bicarbonate fertilizer bicarbonate is very volatile, the general utilization rate Han 25%. The following four methods can be taken to improve its application effect. 1. It is best to use ammonium bicarbonate once. If you can't use it, you should tie it tightly so as to prevent evaporation from reducing its effectiveness. 2. Carbon is used as top dressing for rice, and in shallow water conditions, it should be combined with mash to make it mix with field mud to improve utilization. 3. Ammonium bicarbonate is applied to dry land as seedling fertilizer and can be applied to caves. The depth of hole is about 10 cm and the effect is good. 4. The crop stalks will be crushed and the first 100 kg plus 5 kg of ammonium bicarbonate will be mixed into the thin mud and the product will be composted or put into ponds to accelerate the decomposing speed and improve the fertilizer efficiency. Second, the cotton spray phosphorus production and post-injection phosphorus insecticide spraying foliar spray, can make up for root phosphorus deficiency, promote seed plump, increase boll weight, early bolling; In addition, cotton oxalate secretion of calcium oxalate moth often have eggs The role of the increase in the amount of O. bollworm eggs laid, after spraying superphosphate, drunk and calcium into calcium oxalate, lose the role of the moth, can greatly reduce the damage of cotton bollworm. Specific usage: from the end of August, every mus per hour with 1% to 3% superphosphate solution 75 kg spraying cotton leaves, spray once every 7 days, continuous spraying 2 to 3 times. Note that the concentration should not be too large to prevent injury to the leaves. Third, farmyard fertilizer added superphosphate can prevent the loss of nitrogen fertilizer to stack farmyard manure, especially when depositing livestock and poultry manure, often smell the pungent smell of ammonia, which is ammonia in the manure is volatilized, not only pollutes the air, but also Manure nitrogen nutrients are also lost. However, if piled up manure, according to the amount of fertilizer applied to crops, adding a small amount of superphosphate, stir evenly after stacking, not only can prevent the volatilization of ammonia, nutrient supplements such as nitrogen, sulfur, calcium in manure, but also Can reduce the fixation of phosphorus, is conducive to the absorption of crop seedlings. The use of such fertilizers in greenhouses can also prevent manure from producing ammonia damage to vegetables in greenhouses. In addition, the critical period of phosphorus nutrition is generally at the seedling stage, so the phosphate fertilizer should be used as a basal fertilizer. Manure is also generally used as base fertilizer. After the two are mixed and stacked, it is more convenient to use.

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