What is the role of demagnetizer?

Demagnetizer is a kind of equipment used to eliminate the residual magnetism caused by machining. It generates magnetic lines of force from the electromagnetic coil, directly or indirectly interferes with the magnetic properties of the original workpiece through magnetic lines of force to achieve demagnetization of the workpiece. The main demagnetizer in China has a platform. Type demagnetizer, frame type demagnetizer, etc. The platform type demagnetizer mainly uses the iron core to introduce the coil magnetic flux to a plane to demagnetize the workpiece. The frame type demagnetizer mainly passes the workpiece inside the coil to make the magnetic line cut the workpiece. The magnetic force reaches the demagnetization effect. The demagnetizer needs to use the alternating current to magnetize the coil. After the demagnetizer is modified, it can be used as a device such as a separator.

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