Greenhouse Vegetables Coping with High Temperature Measures

During the high temperature during the summer, the temperature in the vegetable greenhouse is high, and in some cases, the temperature in the afternoon is as high as 40°C. If the production is not properly managed, it often causes damage to the vegetables and stems and leaves. The main manifestations are the leaf margin scorch and leaves wilting and yellowing, which affect the vegetable production. Great.

High temperature effects on vegetables

Excessive soil temperature

The optimum temperature for the growth of roots of various vegetables is different. The suitable temperature for the growth of thermophilic vegetables is 18~20°C. The absorption capacity of the root system is weakened when the soil temperature exceeds 25°C, and the growth of the root system exceeds 35°C. Plants are susceptible to infection and premature aging.

The temperature is too high

(1) Dehydration and wilting of plants.

(2) Affecting pollen vigor, resulting in falling of eggplant and bean vegetables, reduced fruit setting rate, and increased malformed fruit.

(3) Easy to make fruits such as tomatoes, watermelons, melons, and peppers subject to sunburn, affecting commercial properties.

(4) The photosynthesis of the plants is weakened, the respiration is enhanced, the internal nutrients are deficient, and poor growth is easy.

(5) Affecting flower bud differentiation. High temperature and long days of sunlight increase male and female flower differentiation. When tomato and pepper flower buds are differentiated, they spend less and are stunted under high temperature conditions.

(6) Affect normal pigmentation. When tomato meets the high temperature above 35°C, lycopene is difficult to form, and the fruits often appear yellow, red and white in the same color and the commerciality is reduced.

(7) Plants are easy to grow.


Ventilation The ventilation and cooling work in the shed is well done and the rain shelter works. Open the door of the greenhouse on a sunny day and night, roll the film on both sides of the shed to the shoulder, and increase the ventilation. Cover the ventilated membrane when it rains to prevent rain from entering the shed.

The cover shade net covers the shade net on the shed film, which can weaken the illumination in the shed, reduce the temperature of the shed, prevent the impact of heavy rain, and effectively improve the crop growth environment. The use of shade nets on fast-growing leafy vegetables such as greens and morning celery can be sown and marketed earlier; the use of shade nets on autumn vegetables such as broccoli, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, etc., is conducive to nurturing strong and strong.

Watering to take a small amount of ground water, soil and surface coverage and other methods to reduce the ground temperature, in order to water in the morning is good, the conditions of the base can be applied micro droplets micro-spray technology.

The best varieties of heat-resistant leafy vegetables should be selected as hot-resistant leafy vegetables, such as leafy vegetables such as green vegetables, leeks, and early celery with better heat resistance.

Spraying foliar fertilizer spraying fulvic acid foliar fertilizer can increase the tolerance of vegetables to high temperature and strong light.

In other high-temperature and rainy seasons, we must do a good job of chasing fertilizers, removing diseased leaves and old leaves, pruning vines, and prevention and control of diseases and pests. After the harvesting of vegetables, the gardens shall be cleared timely, and the branches and leaves of plants shall be cleared or buried outside the shed, and the soil shall be ploughed.


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