Ten kinds of food should not eat more

1. Songhua Dan uses a certain amount of lead when making preserved eggs. Regular consumption can cause lead poisoning.

2. Stinky tofu is easily contaminated by microorganisms during the fermentation process. Decomposed spoilage substances are harmful to the human body.

3. The daily intake of monosodium glutamate per person should not exceed 6 grams. Excessive intake can increase the glutamate level in the blood, causing dizziness, nausea and other symptoms.

4. Instant noodles contain food pigments and preservatives that are harmful to the human body, and they are often unfavorable to the body.

5, sunflower seeds contain unsaturated fatty acids, eat more will consume a lot of choline in the body, seriously affect the function of liver cells.

6, spinach food in the zinc and calcium will be combined with oxalic acid and excreted, causing the body's lack of zinc and calcium.

7, pig liver 1 kg of pig's liver cholesterol up to 400 mg or more, cholesterol intake is too easy to cause arteriosclerosis.

8. Baked beef and mutton will produce benzopyrene and other harmful substances in smoked roasted meat, which is easy to induce cancer.

9, long-term consumption of pickles can cause sodium and water retention in the body, thereby inducing heart disease.

10, fritters Alum is an inorganic substance containing aluminum, it will poison the brain and nerve cells.

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