Mill is widely used in the production of silicon carbide micropowder

In recent years, with the rapid development of the economy, the demand for processing and utilization of silicon carbide grinding has also been greatly enhanced.

The production steps of silicon carbide micropowder are as follows:

(1) taking the silicon carbide raw material, crushed by a crusher, and sieved to silicon carbide particles of not more than 5 mm, and then shaped into silicon carbide particles of not more than 2 mm by a shaping machine, and the oval particles account for 80%. Above, then pickling and removing impurities and drying;

(2) The dried silicon carbide particles are pulverized into a silicon carbide powder having a d50=9.5-11.5 μm by a mill, and when pulverized, the main current of the mill is set to 65-75 A, and the fan flow rate is set to 40- 50m3/min, the speed of the analyzer is 400-600 rpm;

(3) The silicon carbide powder is then classified by a vortex flow classifier. When classifying, the flow rate of the fan of the vortex flow classifier is 25-43 m3/min, and the speed of the classifying wheel is 2600--3300 rpm. The finished product A having a particle size ds94=6.5-5.5 μm is separated, and the semi-finished product with ds94≤5.5 μm is separated by the cyclone;

(4) The vortex flow classifier is divided into the semi-finished product by the impeller type airflow classifier and then subjected to secondary grading. When grading, the fan flow rate of the impeller type air classifier is 25-10m3/min, and the grading wheel speed is 1300-- At 1700 rpm, the particle size is ds94=4.5-3.0μm finished product B from the grading port, and the by-product is separated by the cyclone port.

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