Common dietary taboos in winter

Do not eat dog meat in patients with acute inflammation in winter

Acute inflammation such as acute tonsillitis, acute pharyngitis, acute rhinitis, and acute bronchitis are mostly in the category of fiery diseases of Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine believes that dog meat is sweet, salty and warm, and it is used to warm up heat and nourish food. If patients with acute inflammation in winter eat dog meat, it will increase the severity of the disease. Therefore, patients with acute inflammation in winter should not eat dog meat.

Fever in the beginning of winter fever, avoid eating dog meat

Fever in early winter fever should avoid eating dog meat. Because, after suffering from a hot sexual disease, righteousness has been injured, Qi and blood deficiency, although it should be replenishment but should not be urgent to make up. The smell of dog meat is so strong that it cannot only be used for replenishment, but it will hurt the vulva, and it is prone to malaria. Therefore, Li Shizhen warned in the book “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “Eating after a fever, killing people.”

Winter cerebrovascular patients avoid eating dog meat

Dog meat is rich in nutrients in winter and has a distinctive flavor, but it is not suitable for everyone. Such as cerebrovascular patients eat dog meat, the harm is not shallow.

Because cerebrovascular patients are generally accompanied by arteriosclerosis and hypertension. Chinese medicine believes that dog meat is hot and nourishing. In winter life, cerebrovascular patients tend to increase blood pressure after eating dog meat and even cause cerebral blood vessel bleeding. Therefore, winter cerebrovascular patients avoid eating dog meat.

Do not eat mutton in winter hepatitis patients

Lamb's nutritive value is very high, and it can be eaten in winter, which can greatly benefit the human body. However, patients with hepatitis should basically avoid eating lamb.

This is because the mutton is warm and warm, and if the hepatitis patient eats too much, it will promote the development of some lesions and aggravate the condition. In addition, after a large amount of high protein and fat is ingested, the liver may not be able to fully complete metabolic functions such as oxidation, decomposition, and absorption due to liver diseases, thereby increasing the burden on the liver and causing morbidity.

In the early days of the winter cold and those who have known the fire, avoid eating lamb.

Chinese medicine practitioners believe that in the early days of colds, we should publish wild evils that are not suitable for replenishing qi, and replenishment should be used to subsidize evil spirits so that evils can be turned into evil spirits. Winter lamb is warm, and eating will increase the heat. Therefore, the "Introduction to Medicine" said: "There is a fireman, the bones of food steamed." "Daily Materia Medica," said: "Unfavorable when the disease." Therefore, early in the winter cold and have known firemen avoid eating lamb.

Do not eat overheated mutton meat in patients with duodenal ulcer in winter

In cold winter weather, people are accustomed to eating “hot” when they eat mutton. However, if patients with duodenal ulcers eat hot mutton, it is not good for physical rehabilitation and maintenance. Therefore, patients with duodenal ulcers in winter should avoid eating overheated mutton.

Winter Yin physical constitution avoid spicy hot pot

Experienced Chinese medicine practitioners often tell yin deficiency patients to avoid spicy hotpots in winter. so, what happened?

Originally, hot pots are naturally consumed in the hotpot. In the hot pot, commonly used pepper, pepper, pepper, ginger, cinnamon, star anise and fennel are all condiments of Xin Wenxiang, and it is easy to get angry after eating. In clinical practice, these spices are mainly suitable for consumption by patients with Deficiency or cold and dampness. People with yin deficiency and anger will eat these Xin Wen Xiang Dry products, which is undoubtedly fueling the fire and will inevitably aggravate the illness.

So, how do you determine if you are yin?

Chinese medicine believes that people with yin deficiency constitution mostly have body weight loss, low fever, hand, foot and heart heat, afternoon hot flashes, flushing of both eyes, insomnia or night sweats, tender tongue red, little moss or no moss, loose stools, short yellow urine, Pulse breakdown and other symptoms.

If the above phenomenon or hemorrhoids, anal fissure, chronic pharyngitis, stomach problems and frequent nosebleeds, it is better to avoid spicy hot pot in winter.

Winter urinary tract stones avoid eating bamboo shoots

Winter bamboo shoots are vegetables that winter people like. It contains more protein and inorganic salts. The content of B vitamins is also more than other vegetables. Therefore, it is good for the human body to eat some bamboo shoots in winter life.

However, according to the study, bamboo shoots contain more insoluble calcium oxalate. Therefore, patients with calcium oxalate crystalluria or urinary tract stones should not eat too much. Patients with urinary tract stones who consume too much winter bamboo shoots will increase the crystallization of calcium oxalate in the urine, which in turn will exacerbate the disease. Therefore, the experts suggested that winter urinary tract stones should not eat bamboo shoots.

"Old chronic bronchitis" patients should avoid tobacco ban alcohol

Cigarette smoke can damage the bronchial epithelium and cilia, resulting in reduced lung defenses, increased respiratory infections, and acute exacerbations. Alcohol can accumulate moisture, stimulate the respiratory tract, and make the condition worse. Therefore, the "old slow support" patients should avoid tobacco ban alcohol.

Winter bogey often suffer from colds

With the increase of age, the body function of the elderly is weakened, and the amount of inhaled and exhaled gas is relatively reduced, which directly affects the inhalation of fresh air. In addition, the systemic immunity of the elderly is reduced, and it is easy to catch cold in the winter.

For elderly people who are old, in the daily life in winter, because the body's various systems are weak in resistance, if you have a cold, you may develop pneumonia and other diseases due to a cold. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the elderly and avoid frequent colds. Experts suggest:

In winter life, the elderly should strengthen physical exercise and enhance their resistance to disease. Older people can participate in one or two sports activities, such as walking and Taijiquan, according to their own physical conditions, so that the body can maintain its vigorous physiological functions and strengthen the body's adaptability to changes in outside temperature, thereby enhancing the ability to resist diseases. At the same time pay attention to changes in the temperature, at any time increase or decrease clothes. The most important thing is to improve cold resistance. The best way to do this is to visit the outdoors frequently, so that the airways are in constant contact with nature, which in turn increases the ability to adapt to changes in outdoor air temperature.

Winter cold bogey Chinese medicine

In winter life, although the common cold is a minor disease, it often shows different types because of people, places, and occasions. Chinese medicines have a fixed composition and limited effects. Such as cold, mainly occurred in the winter, manifested as heavy nasal congestion, sneezing, runny nose, itchy throat, phlegm and more thin; even chills, fever, headache, no sweat, thin white tongue coating, floating or floating pulse . The correct treatment method is: Xin Wen Jie table, Xuanfei cold, should be selected as appropriate, cold cold granules, afternoon tea, Tong Xuanli lung pills, Jiuwei Qi live pills, cold flu and other proprietary Chinese medicine. Improper use often delays or aggravates the condition. Therefore, colds should be administered under the guidance of a doctor and should not be used in Chinese medicine.

Winter wind heat, Shushi rheumatism drink ginger syrup

In our country, the way to treat colds in winter is to drink a bowl of ginger syrup. However, treatment of wind-heat, heat-stroke flu but avoid drinking ginger syrup.

Cold cold treatment, can use onion ginger and brown sugar water with decoction. Because, ginger, light blue, brown sugar are Xin Wen foods, can sweat table, lung ventilation, the treatment effect is ideal. However, the use of onions, ginger, and brown sugar water is banned in the treatment of wind-heat infections, because such substances can contribute to the development of heat and cause the disease to develop in a bad manner. Shushi flu also avoids substances like ginger and brown sugar.

Winter cold avoid mixing with multiple drugs

In winter, many families in our country often have more than one type of cold medicine. If someone has a cold at home, they often take several cold medicines at the same time. As a result, the colds did not immediately heal after mixing these drugs, and even caused adverse reactions.

Now commonly used cold medicines, such as quick-acting cold capsules, cold clearing, cold-passing, etc., are similar in composition and have similar effects. Although they can alleviate symptoms of colds, they only serve as a temporary solution. Mixing these drugs does not cure colds. Widespread and anticomplexation of these drugs is equivalent to an increase in dose, which increases the risk of side effects. The majority of clinical cases have proved that, in addition to the phenomenon of drowsiness, lack of concentration, etc., even after mixed with multiple drugs, some patients may even induce certain hematological diseases (such as aplastic anemia), rash or exfoliative dermatitis, allergies, and other serious conditions. Specific reactions increase the symptoms of hypertension and coronary heart disease. Therefore, the treatment of cold in the winter, it is appropriate to use a short-term use of cold medicine to ease the disease is appropriate, avoid mixing a variety of drugs.


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