How to Identify True and False Chemical Fertilizers with Easy Method

Question: As we all know, the most authoritative and scientific method for identifying the composition and content of chemical fertilizers is the product quality inspection report of the national quality inspection department. However, in daily life, is there any simple way to help farmers identify genuine and fake chemical fertilizers?

A: The farmers' friends can comprehensively consider the following aspects to identify the true and false chemical fertilizers:

(1) First look at the packaging. According to the national standard for solid chemical fertiliser packaging, chemical fertilizers should be packed in multi-layer bags or composite bags. The outer bags of multi-layer bags should be plastic woven bags and the inner bags should be plastic film bags. Composite bags are generally plastic woven cloth and film composites. together. The upper mouth of fertilizer packaging should generally be seamed with a curling width of 10 mm; synthetic threads should be used for sutures. The package should not be broken and not lost.

(2) The second looking bag logo. For domestic chemical fertilizers, fertilizer bags should include fertilizer name, trademark, specification grade, net content and nutrient content. Domestic fertilizers should also indicate the manufacturer's address and batch number and fertilizer standards to be implemented. Importer's fertilizer should also indicate the importer's name and address. . Peasant friends can check the information on the bags.

Q: In addition to the identification of packaging and bags as a reference factor for identifying chemical fertilizers, is there a simple method for identifying fertilizer products?

Answer: After opening the chemical fertilizer packaging bag, it is necessary to first look at the appearance of chemical fertilizers to see the color, shape (particles, powder), size, hardness, uniformity of the particles, and whether they are agglomerated. For example, urea is divided into small particles and large particles. Potassium fertilizer has powdery and granular forms. Compound fertilizers mainly depend on the particle hardness and the uniformity of particles.

Q: Identifying chemical fertilizers through appearance is just a method. Is there any other simple identification method?

A: Different fertilizer products have different physical and chemical properties. We can also use two methods that are soluble in water and burning odors to test true and false fertilizers.

(1) soluble in water. In general, nitrogenous fertilizers such as urea, ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium chloride, ammonium nitrate, and ammonium sulfate are all water-soluble fertilizers. After the fertilizer is put into water, it is basically completely dissolved, while the fake urea will contain a large amount of insoluble matter.

(2) Flammability and odor. Fertilizers are burned on iron pieces, and nitrogen fertilizers can be melted. Ammonium nitrogen fertilizers have a smell of ammonia, and only ammonium bicarbonate vaporizes directly without melting. Potash does not melt, particles will beat. Phosphate neither melts nor beats. Some fake fertilizers have a pesticide smell.

It should be emphasized that the above simple methods for identifying true and false chemical fertilizers can only be used as an aid to identify true and false chemical fertilizers. Really identifying true and false chemical fertilizers also requires inspection by an authoritative quality inspection department.

In order to prevent being deceived, farmers' friends must pay attention to the following two points when buying chemical fertilizers: (1) When buying chemical fertilizers, you should select well-known brands. It is a year that you buy fertilizers and farms. Do not buy non-branded or counterfeit fertilizers for the sake of cheapness. (b) should pay attention to the choice of formal sales channels to buy, choose a good reputation, strong, good reputation of the big distributors, should not buy cheap fertilizers without a mobile dealer. In general, the fertilizer quality of relatively large-scale, relatively strong, and large-scale chain-operating enterprises in the country is relatively secure.

Expert tips

When identifying true and false chemical fertilizers, look first at fertilizer packaging and bag labeling.
After opening the package, look at the appearance of the product.
Can be dissolved in water, combustion method for identification.
Buying chemical fertilizers should choose well-known brands and formal channels.

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