Sweet pepper soil testing formula fertilization technology

1. Fertilizer requirements: The absorption of nutrients by sweet peppers is mainly concentrated in the result period. Absorption of nitrogen is gradually increased with the birth process, and is mainly distributed in stems and leaves before the result period. The absorption of phosphorus increases with the development of fertility, but the magnitude of absorption changes is smaller. Absorption of potassium in the early stages of fertility is small. From the early stage of fruit harvesting, the absorption increases significantly and continues until the end. The absorption of calcium also increases with the growth period. The absorption peak of magnesium appears at the peak of fruit harvesting, and it is less absorbed at the early stage of growth.

2. Fertilization technology: The fertilization amount per mu for the whole growth period of sweet peppers is 3000-3500 kg of farmyard fertilizer (or 400-450 kg of commercial organic fertilizer), 18-22 kg of nitrogen fertilizer, 6-8 kg of phosphate fertilizer, and 9 kg of potassium fertilizer. -15kg, nitrogen and potassium fertilizers were divided into base fertilizers and three topdressing fertilizers. The ratio of fertilizer application was 2:3:3:2. Phosphate fertilizers were all used as base fertilizers and fertilizers and manure (or commodity organic fertilizers) were mixed and applied.

Basal fertilizer: 3000-3500 kg of farmyard fertilizer or 400-450 kg of commercial organic fertilizer, 5-6 kg of urea, 13-17 kg of diammonium phosphate and 7-9 kg of potassium sulfate per mu.

Top dressing: Men's 9-10 kg of urea and 5-6 kg of potassium sulfate per mu, and 12-14 kg of urea and 7-8 kg of potassium sulfate during the expansion of the pepper; -10 kg, potassium sulfate 5-6 kg.

Fertilizers outside roots: When symptoms of calcium deficiency, magnesium deficiency or boron deficiency appear, the leaves can be sprayed with 0.3% calcium chloride, 1% magnesium sulfate or 0.1-0.2% borax aqueous solution 2-3 times. Facilities can be grown with carbon dioxide gas fertilizer.

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