Man drinking brown sugar before passion

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Brown sugar has the functions of strengthening spleen, boosting blood, repelling cold, nourishing the body, etc. It is a commonly used medicine for the treatment of gynecological diseases by traditional Chinese medicine and is often considered to be a woman's exclusive. In fact, men with spleen and stomach deficiency drink a certain amount of brown sugar water every day, which is good for the body. Drinking before sex also helps to restore strength.

Brown sugar, sweet and warm, contains maltose, amino acids, protein, vitamin B, iron and other nutrients, helps to nourish qi and nourish blood. Penile erection mainly depends on blood perfusion in the meridian of the penis. Adequate qi and blood is beneficial to sexual ability. When the male body is deficient in physique, lack of blood or fatigue, he can adjust and cultivate by drinking brown sugar water. In addition, brown sugar, wolfberry fruit poached eggs, can play the role of nourishing yin and kidney, to improve erectile function beneficial; use brown sugar to soak longan food, can calm the nerves, help improve sleep, restore physical strength; brown sugar soaked bun, jujube can fill Zhongqi, spleen and stomach help to enhance physical fitness.

Although brown sugar has a lot of tonic effect, it is not suitable for all people. It should not be taken too long. It should not be taken in excessive amounts, otherwise it is not conducive to good health. People who suffer from yin deficiency or hyperactivity of the stomach may aggravate the condition. People with diabetes may also not take brown sugar. Otherwise, they will cause blood sugar to rise; after sex, it is best not to drink brown sugar water to avoid dental caries.

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