Fertilizers can also be used as pesticides

Ammonium carbonate, commonly known as gas fertilizer, has a strong insecticidal effect. When planting sweet potatoes, potatoes, and other crops, the application of 15 to 25 kg of ammonium bicarbonate per acre in combination with farmyard fertilizers can reduce the damage of earthworms by about 80%. When 25 kg of ammonium per acre is applied to the vegetables, it can greatly reduce the damage of underground pests such as root worms and small tigers.

Ammonia is an alkaline fertilizer that kills insects and sterilizes them. When verticillium wilt and blight occur in cotton, applying 40 kg of ammonia per mu with water can greatly reduce the disease. When cucumber is used as a basal fertilizer, ammonia can control cucumber disease. When the Chinese cabbage is planted with diluted 35 times of ammonia water per acre, it can prevent cabbage virus disease. Phosphorus fertilizer can kill insects and sterilize.

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