Eighty percent of household oil and salt intake exceeded standards

Recently, the Ministry of Health held a press conference, saying that 80% of domestic households had excessive oil and salt intake, and that the correct consumption of oil and salt has become a matter of no delay. According to the Ministry of Health, efforts will be made in the next few years to reduce the national average daily salt intake to 9 grams or less. Then, how can we control salt in our lives to maintain good health?

Ministry of Health Says Bacheng Households Exceed Standard Oil and Salt Intake

Yesterday, the Ministry of Health held a regular press conference to introduce the progress of prevention and treatment of chronic diseases in China. At present, there are 260 million people with chronic diseases in China. At present, death from chronic diseases accounts for 85% of all deaths in China.

With the acceleration of industrialization, urbanization, and aging, the number of chronic diseases in China has risen rapidly and chronic diseases have become major public health problems. A set of figures released by the Ministry of Health indicates that the state of chronic diseases is severe: According to statistics, deaths caused by chronic diseases have accounted for 85% of the total deaths in China. The burden of disease has already accounted for 70% of the total disease burden, which is caused by people’s poverty due to illness. The important reason for returning to poverty.

According to experts, 45% of chronic diseases in China die before the age of 70, and premature death from chronic diseases accounts for 75% of the total number of premature deaths. The daily per capita salt and edible oil intake of over 200 million hypertensive patients, 120 million obese patients, 97 million diabetics and 80% of households in our country exceeds the national standard. In the next 20 years, the number of people with chronic diseases in China’s population over the age of 40 will have doubled, and the burden caused by chronic diseases will increase by more than 80%.

In this regard, the Ministry of Health issued the "China Chronic Diseases Prevention and Control Work Plan (2012-2015)" and proposed a number of specific goals that will be achieved in 2015. Including the national per capita daily salt intake dropped to 9 grams or less; adult smoking rate decreased to 25% or less; adult obesity rate is controlled within 12%, children and adolescents do not exceed 8%. According to the Ministry of Health, in order to promote the implementation of the plan, the central government has increased its investment in the prevention and control of chronic diseases. This year, the central government’s funding for the prevention and control of chronic diseases for major medical reform projects has increased nearly twice as much as last year.

Four suggestions on how to control salt

1. Control the cooking salt. Normal people can use one beer bottle cap a day. As close as possible, heavy flavors can be adjusted. It is good to form a habit by reducing it little by little.

2. Eat more fresh foods, eat less salted, salted foods, and deep-processed foods.

3. Reasonably choose snacks. When shopping, pay attention to the food nutrition table. Try to choose some natural snacks such as raisins, dates, etc.

4. Drink less cola and other beverages, boiled water is the healthiest and most economical beverage.

Salt is a must-have for life and it is well-measured. When enjoying delicious food, it also enjoys health. When it is not right, after opening his mouth, it is hell. Salt control is just a corner to promote healthy living. In fact, eating anything and doing anything must be done in order to live a healthy life. Wish everybody health!

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