Valentine's Day Essentials: 10 Alternative Foods for Viagra

Three-drug. Therefore, Viagra is not the best product for men. To have long-lasting results and to continuously optimize their own condition in life, the best way is diet and health. According to the opinions of experts and the records in the book, the most classic Viagra alternative foods have the following ten kinds.

One, walnut

Malaysian researchers said that the walnuts that people usually like to eat have a significant aphrodisiac effect. Researchers at the University of Malaysia have concluded based on the results of studies conducted over the past two years that pills made from walnut extracts can be used as a substitute for Viagra. Chinese doctors believe that Ma Da research found that walnuts have aphrodisiac effect is not unusual, because traditional Chinese medicine books have already recorded that they can "nourish the brain." Traditional Chinese medicine often uses Walnut as a medicine or as a diet to achieve the purpose of nourishing the kidney.

Second, leeks

Leek is not only tender and delicious, but also rich in nutrition. "Compendium of Materia Medica," said that leek liver and liver, cure urinary frequency, enuresis and so on. Leek due to warming up the liver and kidney, help Yang Jingjie prominent role, so in the pharmacopoeia there are "rising grass" in the name. The leek seed is an excitatory agent, which has functions of solid-sperm, yang-boosting, nourishing kidney, treatment belt, warm waist and knee, etc. It is applicable to impotence, nocturnal emission, polyuria and other diseases. With leek seed powder, each morning and evening to take 15 grams, water delivery service, effective for the treatment of impotence.

Third, dog meat

The dog meat is sweet, salty, warm, and has a beneficial effect on the spleen and stomach, and nourishing aphrodisiac. "Compendium of Materia Medica" contained, dog meat has "an internal organs, light body Qi, kidney and stomach. Warm waist knee, strong strength, make up for five injuries and seven blood, Bu blood" and other effects. Black beans and dog meat, meat soup, can treat impotence and premature ejaculation. The dog meat cooked in cooked ginger can warm the kidneys and impotence, relieve cold and relieve pain. However, attention should be paid to the fact that the dog is warm and can eat more food. Where heat ulcers and Yang Sheng Huowang are unfit for human consumption.

Four, muddy

Contains high-quality protein, fat, vitamin A, vitamin B1, nicotinic acid, iron, phosphorus, and calcium. Its sweet, flat nature, there is Bu Zhong Yi Qi, kidney Shengsheng effect. It has a good effect on regulatory functions. The loach contains a special protein that promotes sperm formation. Adult men who eat mud can nourish and strengthen their body.

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