Fruit tree disease prevention principle and method

We begin with the three major elements of fruit tree disease to explore the prevention and treatment of fruit tree fungal diseases, it is easy to find that there are a large number of pathogenic pathogens in nature, we can not exterminate them. Most of the current prevention and control methods are based on the autumn and winter cleaning of fallen leaves, removal of stale berries, scraping of bark, central burnout or deep burial, and spring spraying of lime-sulfur compound to clear the garden, by eradicating overwintering bacterium sources and reducing the incidence index. Among the cultivated crops currently, many high-quality and high-product varieties are susceptible hosts, and breeding resistant varieties is still a long-term task. Therefore, these two factors are currently beyond our control. We often emphasize that “there is no water for income and income, and income is less for income and less income”, but strengthening the management of water, especially the orchards that rely on large-scale fertilizers to increase production and ignore quality, often leads to prevalence of orchard diseases and production cuts. Absolutely. After all, the outbreak of fungal diseases in orchards is closely related to rainfall and humidity. Therefore, some people have concluded that "it is all the trouble of rain," and this is true.

We know that the germs must harm the fruit trees. The first is the spore germination of the germs. Then it begins to spread through wind and rain, contacts the host, and invades from the host's stomata or wounds. It absorbs nutrients from the fruit trees and parasitizes the life of the fruit trees. As a result, the fruit trees do not grow properly. development. Germination, transmission, and invasion of germs do not work without the participation of water. Therefore, the prevention and treatment of diseases, clean garden disinfection source is critical, improve the tree resistance is the foundation, followed by early prevention work. One of the bactericides we use is a protective bactericide. Its principle is to dilute the agent with water and evenly spray it onto the surface of the crop to form a dense layer of film. The film is transparent and permeable, but It can effectively kill the bacteria that come into contact with it and achieve the goal of protecting the crop from pathogenic bacteria. In the process of using protective fungicides, we should pay attention to its validity period, because almost all protective fungicides are effective for 7 to 10 days, so we must regularly spray protection to prevent the invasion of pathogens. For infected fruit trees, we can use therapeutic fungicides to kill pathogens through their internal absorption and control the spread and spread of the lesions. It is well-known that apple's early defoliation, anthrax, and rotenone are mainly transmitted by infection in the spring, and then latent in the fruit or leaves. If the infection is successful in the early stage, the infection will be repeated in the middle and later stages. Early prevention is not timely, and it is bound to bring difficulties to future prevention and control. From this, it can be seen that after the apple is used, the protective fungicides such as Pudgkin, Fufu, or Dashengfu are regularly used for prevention after entering the young fruit period, and appropriate therapeutic bactericides such as nanometers that have a systemic effect during spraying are introduced in June. Hin, Guinness, carbendazim, etc. are killing the invading germs. When it is rainy in summer, it is necessary to continue spraying protective fungicides to prevent the re-invasion of germs. The condition can also be treated with a therapeutic bactericide. If necessary, the two can be used alternately to give full play to the control effect.

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