Goldbaby Fermenting Bed to Help You Build Hog Comfort Cottage

The rapid and healthy growth of hogs In addition to reasonable feed mix, the surrounding environment also plays a significant role, and the environment needs special attention to the following aspects:
At a suitable temperature, pigs gain weight quickly and feed efficiency is high. The appropriate temperature varies with the weight of the pig. When the temperature in the house is below 4°C, the weight gain will be reduced by 50%, and the consumption of the unit weight will be twice the optimum temperature. When the temperature is too high, in order to enhance the heat dissipation, the respiratory frequency of the pigs increases, the appetite decreases, the feed intake decreases, and the weight gain rate decreases. If the ventilation is poor and the drinking water is insufficient, it may also cause heat stroke death. Comparative experiments showed that pigs gained the fastest weight at 15-20°C. The surface temperature of the goldfish fermentation bed is maintained at about 20°C for a long time, which is the optimum temperature for pigs.
Humidity It is difficult to simply evaluate the effect of humidity on fattening. In general, humidity and temperature have a common effect. The influence of humidity is far less than the temperature. If the temperature is appropriate, the level of air humidity has little effect on the weight gain and feed utilization of the pig. Practice has proved that when the temperature is appropriate, relative humidity from 45% to 80% will not affect the pig's feed intake, weight gain and feed utilization. The relative humidity of the air is 40-75%. The growth of pigs in the Jinbao fermentation bed can guarantee this moderate range due to the fermentation of the bed.
The air in the hygienic pig house is often exposed to excreta and feed. The contamination of harmful gases such as ammonia gas and hydrogen sulfide formed by the fermentation or spoilage of the berm grass causes the pig's own breathing to discharge a large amount of water vapor, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases. If the design of the pig house is unreasonable or poorly managed, the ventilation and ventilation are poor, the breeding density is too high, and the sanitary condition is not good. It will cause the air inside the pig house to be damp and dirty, full of a lot of harmful gases such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide, which will reduce the appetite of pigs, affect pigs’ weight gain and feed utilization, and may cause eye diseases and respiratory diseases in pigs. And digestive system diseases. Jinbao Fermentation Bed Pigs can use pig's excreta to degrade into nutrients that can be absorbed and used by the pig's scavenge, leaving the air fresh and clean and providing a good living environment for pigs.

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