Guardian of flowers--fertilizer

In the long-term cultivation of flowers and plants, yellowish, fallen leaves, chlorosis, and death are prone to occur. Why does this phenomenon occur? This is mainly due to poor habitats, less useful microorganisms in the root circle, and increased salinity. High, lack of trace elements.
What should we do? How do we keep flowers and flowers green and flowery? Bacterial fertilizers on the market are a good choice, among which the microbial fertilizer of the golden treasure is representative. Jinbao microbial manure contains many highly effective and beneficial microbial flora such as Bacillus cereus and Bacillus japonicus. It can use its own “organs” (cells) to fix and transform nitrogen in the air to form “natural nitrogen fertilizer”. , Activates and decomposes insoluble phosphorus and potassium minerals in the soil to form "natural biological phosphorus and potassium fertilizers" for the absorption and utilization of flowers, seedlings, fruit trees, vegetables, and other crops. At the same time, a large number of hormones, plant growth regulators, and more are produced during microbial fermentation and decomposition. The trace elements can effectively stimulate the growth and development of flower seedlings, so that the flowers need a comprehensive nutrition, and thus "good health." In addition, "functional bacteria" in microbial fertilizers (similar to trained "police dogs" and "goats" in dogs) have been named because of their unique functions of "fixing nitrogen," "solubilizing phosphorus," and "releasing potassium." Produce a large number of metabolites that can stimulate the growth and development of plants. At the same time, beneficial bacteria own dominant populations are breeding with “overwhelming advantages”, so that harmful bacteria can hardly obtain nutrition and thus cannot survive and multiply, so that “bacteria (probiotics) can be used”. System (inhibition) bacteria (harmful bacteria) ", against the invasion of pathogens, play a role in the prevention and control of pests and diseases, which is one of the important reasons for the special disease of flowers and seedlings. At the same time, it also has the function of keeping water and drought (this is particularly useful for flower growers or lazy people who are particularly busy with flowers), and for flowers that can produce results, they can make their fruits look more beautiful, the fruits are more sweet, and the flowers are always protected. Brilliant, ornamental value.

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Pharmaceutical Ampoules

Pharmaceutical Ampoules,Color Break Ampoules,One Point Ampoules,Amber Pharmaceutical Ampoules,Medical Ampoules

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