Beware of the harmful effects of cucumber leaves

The leaves of cucumber seedlings showed obvious spots, especially the dry yellowing of the leaf margins.

According to field investigations, this situation occurred in a single block, which is a damage to traditional Chinese medicine. Because of the high temperature in the previous period of time, the water in the liquid evaporates too quickly, the concentration of the liquid becomes high in a short time, or the concentration of the drug is too high, the amount of spray is excessive, and the tender resistance of cucumber seedling leaves is poor, resulting in drug The occurrence of harm.

Solution: In the event of a phytotoxicity, immediately spray water to rinse the leaves 2 times, and then spray the harvest No. 1 1000 times to ease the damage. At the same time, in combination with watering to increase the available fertilizer, promote plant growth. In addition, it is recommended that vegetable farmers must be reasonable when using drugs, according to the weather conditions and the status of vegetable growth to reduce the appropriate concentration and dosage.


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