Edible bacteria intensified cultivation techniques

Using intensive techniques to cultivate edible mushrooms such as oyster mushrooms, mushrooms, and mushrooms can achieve high yield, high efficiency, high quality, and low consumption of edible fungi.

First, the intensification of the plant. Mushroom cultivation has a variety of cultivation methods. In the cold winter season, it is most suitable to adopt indoor heating cultivation. Indoor heating methods include pipe heating, coal stoves, etc., and taking into account the cost and practicality, the use of coal furnace heating is the most effective, the device is suitable for relatively cold areas, can achieve low cost, rapid heating, and convenient operation. In the cold season cultivation of mushroom and other edible mushrooms, pest damage is light, the rate of contamination of bacteria is low, high yield and stable production performance, mushroom body cover, cover thick, short handle, good color quality, high quality. And fewer vegetables in winter, it is easy to occupy the market and get the desired benefits. In the hot summer, the use of underground, semi-subterranean cultivation, the temperature is generally about 10 °C lower than the ground, the environment is cool, mild contamination of bacteria, less pests, it is suitable for cultivation and growth of edible fungi, yield up to ground cultivation 2 More than times, and the quality of the mushrooms is good and the taste is high. Especially during high temperature, mushrooms are difficult to cultivate, yield is low, and the market is small. At this time, the use of this technology is very significant.

Second, raw materials intensification. Intensive production is mainly reflected in time saving, energy saving, low consumption and high efficiency. The choice of raw materials is of utmost importance. For example, Pleurotus ostreatus is the most easily cultivated mushroom in edible fungi. The method of cultivation is simple and the methods are various. Among them, raw material cultivation with low cost and easy operation is the first choice. The cultivation materials include raw material cultivation and clinker cultivation. Raw material cultivation means that the culture materials are not sterilized by high temperature, and generally the method of composting is adopted. After the medium is about to be cultured and mixed with water, pile it up and cover it with a plastic sheet to allow it to warm naturally. Each time the core temperature of the pile reaches 60°C, turn the edge of the material to the middle and continue to stuff it, let it warm up again. . After 3 times, it can be inoculated and bagged. By controlling a certain carbon-nitrogen ratio and high-temperature environmental conditions, it is possible to effectively inhibit the proliferation of miscellaneous bacteria and promote the rapid growth of Pleurotus ostreatus.

Third, bagging intensive. For bagged culture materials, some people think that small bags charge less, the cycle is short, but the output is low, time-consuming; Some people think that large bags of material, high yield, but the long cycle, the efficiency is not high. Through the comparison of cultivation experiments, it was found that the specifications of the plastic bags were 18 to 45? (the length after loading was 30?), and the dry material of 0.6? was the best. In the bagging mode, two layers of three-layer strains of bacteria are applied, that is, two layers are laid one on top of each other and a strain of bacteria is sandwiched between them, which is more suitable for intensive production.

Fourth, management intensification. Different from conventional cultivation, the intensive cultivation technique adopts the positioning mushroom method. Pleurotus ostreatus, etc. from the bag hole when reserved for oxygen growth, can effectively prevent mushroom buds in the growth process due to competition for nutrients and form a lot of shrinkage, resulting in unnecessary loss of nutrients. At the same time the conventional opening of the mushroom, mushroom plexus is too large, dead mushrooms and mushrooms poor quality. The method of positioning mushrooms, not open pockets, bacteria bags of water evaporation, thus achieving intensive cultivation and management.

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