Look at the spark plug color to judge the gasoline engine failure

According to years of experience in the maintenance of gasoline engines, the failure of the gasoline engine can be determined by looking at the color of the surface of the spark plug porcelain core.
1. The white core of the porcelain core works normally.
2, the surface of the porcelain core is slightly yellow, reddish or red brown gasoline engine work is also normal, spark plug porcelain core surface was so yellow, reddish or red brown, is due to fuel, additives caused by different.
3. The porcelain core is brownish black. The spark plug is brownish-black in colour, with thick, hard blocky carbon deposits on the outer shell and side poles. There are two reasons: First, the gasoline engine burns oil because the oil enters from the piston ring or the intake valve duct. The second is the cause of the spark plug itself. There are spark plugs with broken porcelain or broken side electrodes. There are also obvious reasons for not seeing from the outside. Can be used for flashover method of inspection, the spark plug flat on the cylinder head, with the central high-voltage wire from the spark plug connector bolt about 5 mm, and then call the breaker contacts to see spark plug gap fire. If the spark is intense and blue-white, it means that the spark plug is normal. If the spark is weak or there is no spark, the spark plug itself is faulty and needs to be replaced.
4. The white porcelain core was white and pale, indicating that the spark plug was overheated. In a multi-cylinder gasoline engine, it only appears on individual spark plugs. It may be because the spark plug's thermal value (heat type) is too low, misuse, poor quality, etc.; if the porcelain core is often white in a certain cylinder, the compression ratio of the cylinder should be checked. Check if the water jacket around the spark plug is blocked. For high compression ratios, attention should be paid to whether there is a hot ignition phenomenon; if several cylinders have white porcelain core at the same time, the load of the gasoline engine should be taken into account and the capacity of the cooling system should be insufficient. The spark plug with higher heat value should be used instead.
5. The porcelain core is slightly blackish and covered with a thin layer of charcoal. The shell torus and even the side electrodes are copious. If this phenomenon occurs after a long period of cold car and low speed operation, it will be eliminated after a period of normal use. If the normal operating conditions are high, replace the low-heat spark plug. After replacement, attention should be paid to whether the spark plug is overheated, the center pole is melted, and the cylinder is pulled when the gasoline engine is at high speed and high load.

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