How does Root Miao Zhuang play a rooting role?

The root-strengthening agent is mainly used for crops such as vegetables and rice. It can be mixed in nutritious soil or planted, transplanted, and used in the mid- and late-stage growth of water, roots and leaves to increase the temperature and germination. Weak seedlings become strong seedlings. When planting and transplanting, the seedlings are quickened and rooted, and they enter the high-yield period in advance. They can prevent leggy, prolong the harvest period, and resist disease and stress. The foundation is not strong, success is not guaranteed! Such as Jinbao rooting agent contains BYM bacteria fermentation broth, biochemical humic acid, active rooting agents, photosynthetic promoters, virus inhibitors and a variety of trace elements. Can quickly grow roots, more roots, strong seedlings, resistance to weight loss. It is mainly used in the nursery stage of crops such as vegetables, rice, and flower seedlings. It has the functions of promoting seed germination, consistent emergence, rooting and strengthening seedlings, enhancing vitality, raising the survival rate of transplanting, and resisting disease and resisting stress. The specific usage is:
1) Seedlings: Seedlings or nursery seedlings can be used. Seeds germinate quickly, with consistent emergence and no weak seedlings. Dosage: Take gold baby root-strength agent 500ml diluted 10-20 times, mixed in 50 kg nutritious soil or 4-5m2 seed bed, you can sow.
2) Seedling stage: Use at the seedling stage (after 2 leaves and 1 heart) can significantly promote the elongation of the main root, increase the number of lateral roots, increase the vitality and absorption strength of the roots, and form strong seedlings as soon as possible to facilitate transplanting. Dosage: Use a 300-fold dilution of 5-10 kg per metre square meter (m2) seedlings with a gilt-strengthening agent to water or spray.
3) Transplanting: When using T. chinensis rooting agent to root or irrigate roots when transplanting, the survival rate of the seedlings can be increased, the seedlings can be quickly planted, the roots can be quickly rooted, and the ground temperature can overcome the high and low obstacles. Dosage: Diluted 500 times liquid gold root or acupuncture points.
4) Growth period: During the growth period, using this product to irrigate roots can significantly stimulate the occurrence and elongation of root systems at all levels, increase the absorption area and absorption intensity of the root system, and provide protection for the growth and development of the aerial parts. The use of this product can also be resistant to weight loss, and can effectively prevent rot, root, dead seedlings, plant premature aging and so on. Dosage: Diluted 500-1000 times for irrigation or flushing.
5) Full-term versatility: A 300-fold dilution of this product can also be used for foliar sprays at all fertility stages of crops to enhance irrigation.

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