Garlic tube care before winter eight-step

Soil fertigation. Should choose not planted onions, garlic, leeks of fertile loam or sandy soil cultivation. For every 667 square meters of cultivated land, 7,500 kg of high-quality mixed fertilizer and 200 kg of bean cake were applied. Or every 667 square meters of Sanyuan compound fertilizer 100 to 150 kg, 5000 tons of soil miscellaneous fertilizer. The ground must be leveled. Combined with site preparation, 667 square meters of pungent granules of 1.5 to 2.5 kg were mixed with appropriate amount of wheat bran bean cake to form bait, and soil insects thrown into cultivated land were used to eradicate underground pests such as cockroaches, golden needle beetles and cockroaches.
Pick garlic seeds. Clove grades are selected before sowing and sown separately. Grading the bulbs on the garlic when grading, the tiny garlic is not generally used.
Proper sowing. In early October, it is a suitable period for sowing. It should be selected once in a sunny day. When sowing, open a 5 cm deep ditch by row spacing. Place the back sutures of the garlic clove in the same direction in order. The plant spacing is 6 to 7 cm and 5 to 55,000 plants are planted per mu. After the sowing, the pods are flat and smooth so as to facilitate watering the cover film.
After filming. There are two ways to cover the film: one is to make a good crop before sowing, enough to sow, and cover the film after sowing. The second is when the soil is dry when sowed, soaked once after pouring water, covered with plastic film until the water infiltration.
Cultivate strong seedlings. Garlic overwintering seedlings need to be short, strong, and not prosperous. Its cultivation measures are: 1 auxiliary membrane rupture. After 3 to 5 days after sowing, it is necessary to artificially assist the breaking of the membrane by the garlic sprouts that failed to penetrate the mulching membrane in time. 2 early Miao Miao. After Qi Miao, immediately apply topdressing 7-8 kg of urea per 667 square meters. 3 poured over winter water. Until the winter, after freezing, pour a winter water to prevent cold and frost.
Reapply wax fertilizer. Wax fertilizer is dominated by organic fertilizers. Generally, every 667 square meters is fully decomposed pigs, sheep, rabbits, and ash 1000 to 1200 kilograms. If the organic fertilizer is insufficient, 25 kilograms of special fertilizer for garlic can be applied per 667 square meters. At the same time, increase phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. For each 667 m2, 25 kg of phosphate fertilizer, 10-15 kg of potash or 50 kg of compound fertilizer are topdressed.
Loose soil weeding. 1 Chemical weeding. Before planting garlic seedlings, every 100m2 of 667m2 with 50% Napropamide 100g or 33% weeding 100-150ml, spraying the water, blocking the pre-winter weeds. 2 loose soil weeding. To seize the favorable opportunity to do a good job of loose soil weeding can not only eliminate the winter weeds in the garlic field, accelerate soil maturation, but also improve the soil quality, raise the surface temperature, promote the growth of garlic roots, enhance the resistance to stress, and prevent the pre-winter, garlic sprouts. Excessive growth and frost damage are beneficial to safe wintering.
Clean the ditch. Garlic is prone to dampness, and in winter, before the soil is frozen, it is necessary to clean up the ditch system so that the ditch and ditch can communicate with each other. It is necessary to clear and deepen the horizontal ditch and the damming ditch to ensure smooth drainage and irrigation, improve disaster-resistance, and ensure high yield and stable production of garlic.

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