Piglets grow up

Recently, some farmers have complained that the pigs raised at home are unhappy or not. The author believes that the reasons are mainly the following six aspects.

Weaning is unreasonable

Farmers raise their pigs to take a weaning method and go on the market immediately after weaning, so that the pigs were originally mother-centered and cohabiting among their siblings. The stable and comfortable living conditions suddenly changed, making it hard to adapt and affecting weight gain. The number of sucklings of the pigs should be gradually reduced from 5 to 6 days before weaning until they are fully weaned.

Feeding is not timely

The pigs did not feed in time during the lactation period and they did not eat well after weaning, resulting in slow growth and development. Generally, pigs should be fed at the age of 10 days, and they should start with fragrant, sweet, brittle and easily digestible feeds, and gradually feed the normal feed later.

Unreasonable feed and feeding methods

After weaning, the piglets not only cannot eat breast milk, but also the feed quality is worse than that during the lactation period. The number of daily feeds is also reduced from 6 to 8 times before weaning and drastically reduced to 3 times daily. These drastic changes cause the normal development of the piglets. Obstruction. Therefore, when buying pigs, it is necessary to ask the seller in detail about the feeding and management of pigs, so that the quality of feeds gradually transitions, and the number of feedings gradually changes from more to fewer.

Too much change in environmental conditions

Before weaning, the pigs are mother-centered and co-habitants. After weaning, it is usually a pig lap. Pigs cannot adapt to this lonely life for a short period of time. In particular, eating in cold weather in the winter can not sleep well, and they can easily become sick or even die. Therefore, when purchasing pigs, it is necessary to understand their original feeding conditions as far as possible to create a comfortable living environment for the pigs, and changes in feeding conditions should be gradually carried out.

Extensive management

At present, farmer raising pigs is usually a pig lap. Some pigs eat, sleep and defecate in the same place. Cleaning washers are not used, causing environmental pollution and poor sanitation. Especially in winter, it is easy to cause pig colds. A series of diseases such as diarrhea are extremely unfavorable to their growth and development. In the actual pig production, pigs can eat and eat fast and grow fast, depending on how fast the pigs eat and how their temperament is good, with 3 heads to 6 heads in a circle. In addition, it is necessary to do a good job of training, make it a fixed point of eating, fixed defecation, sleep at a certain point, and maintain environmental hygiene.

Immunization and castration time incorrect

Farmers buy more pigs than bazaars and conduct epidemic prevention and castration at the time of purchase. The three unfavorable factors such as weaning, epidemic prevention, and castration were all added to the piglets, so that the piglets could not recover in a long time, seriously affecting the normal growth and development of pigs, making them grow slowly and forming stiff pigs. Generally, boars that are not reserved for breeding can be used at 20 days of age, and gilts can be castrated from 30 days to 40 days. In order to prevent certain infectious diseases, swine fever vaccine can be injected before the pigs are 30 days old. The erysipelas vaccine can be inoculated at 90 days of age.

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